WIAW #7: BBBos Food Summit


Thanks to everyone who has already joined my Healthy Holiday Challenge! We will officially begin on Halloween (October 31st) so there is still time to join.


Happy Wednesday! Despite the fact that I disappointingly thought Monday was Wednesday, it is finally here. This week is a long one for me, so even seeing mid-week is a special kind of excitement. Wednesday also means What I Ate Wednesday. Thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW each week!

Instead of sharing what I ate on Tuesday (which is what I tend to do), I want to share with you the amazing food I had on Sunday at the Blog Better Boston Food Summit. I promise to share a full recap soon, including more information about BBBos, but the food was just too amazing not to share.

BBBos breakfast-001

After the drive to the Stonewall Kitchen headquarters in York, ME early Sunday morning, I was starving. Luckily Au Bon Pain was one of the event sponsors and had provided pastries, bagels, fruit, and coffee. I can’t pass up a bagel to save my life.

Despite the larger than normal breakfast, I was very excited when lunch time rolled around and we had the opportunity to attend a cooking class and multi-course lunch led by Patty Roche.

BBBos lunch first course-001

The first course was a delicious squash soup with ginger and roasted pepitas. The Stonewall Kitchen cooking school members were very accommodating with my request to have a vegetarian meal, but the soup was the one dish for which I did not get a vegetarian option and I was completely okay with that. The recipe used chicken stock and I was literally the only vegetarian in attendance, so it would have been incredibly inconvenient for the chefs to prepare just one serving of the soup with vegetable stock, particularly because I am a new vegetarian and have no problem with meat in theory. That said, for the first time in my life I could actually taste the chicken stock in the soup. I was very surprised to taste it through the other strong flavors, but I imagine this is because I don’t eat it anymore and have become so accustomed to making my own soups with vegetable stock. It’s amazing the things you don’t notice on a regular basis.

BBBos Lunch entree-001

While everyone else enjoyed a main course of prosciutto-wrapped and ricotta-stuffed chicken, I enjoyed a specially made stuffed portobello mushroom. It was fantastic! The chef who prepared it checked in on me more than once to see how I liked it and it honestly couldn’t have been better. He was also responsible for my creamy polenta, which unlike everyone else’s did not include butter, cream, or cheese (because I had also indicated my lactose intolerance). I honestly couldn’t even tell anything was missing because it was also fantastic.

BBBos dessert-001

The pear and fig cobbler for dessert was addictive. I adore figs and have come to really appreciate pears (despite the fact that I didn’t eat them for over 20 years) and couldn’t get enough of this dessert. The cobbler used dried figs while caramelized figs were used on top. I didn’t get any of the vanilla ice cream so I was given an extra caramelized fig slice on top. I’d call that a win!

After lunch we were all positively stuffed. Still, when Stonewall Kitchen samples were put out for a break just an hour later, I couldn’t help myself.

BBBos samples-001

Everything I tried was amazing, but my favorite was probably the Smoky Barbecue Aioli. Needless to say, I did not have the appetite for a proper dinner on Sunday evening because there was just no way I could fit much more into my stomach. Frankly I would give up dinner every evening if it meant food like I had for lunch on Sunday. If you’ve never tried Stonewall Kitchen products, I highly recommend them. They have everything from jams and spreads to baking mixes and kitchen ware. I also highly recommend attending one of the Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School classes if you’re ever in the area. You won’t be disappointed!

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    Wow they definitely didn’t slack on the meals. Everything looks amazing – especially that pear and fig cobbler!

    I have a maple mustard from Stonewall Kitchens and I love it! It tastes so good on cheesy turkey paninis!

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    I think I am STILL in a food coma from all the food that day. Glad you enjoy the Food Summit!

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    YUM! All that food looks amazing! I’m excited about your Holiday Challenge I’ve been struggling to keep myself accountable but this sounds like the perfect way to!

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    That portabella looks amazing! I wish I had had that rather than the chicken.

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