What is wellness? New look, new focus

I mentioned before that I was giving a lot of thought to the direction of the blog. Wellness has been the focus from day one, but I’ve grappled with what I should and shouldn’t include. Is it really wellness-related if I go to a wine tasting? Can I include posts about the days I spend lazy at home with the guinea pigs and a glass of wine? My life includes a lot of wine, is that relevant?

The answer, I’ve decided, is yes.

What is wellness?

Wellness a journey. It is also a balancing act. The title of today’s post suggests I’m going in a new direction. In fact, I’m re-embracing the original focus of the blog.

That brings me to the new look. You may have noticed a brand new header image and if you’re a Facebook fan you probably saw it there too. The old image focused on fitness, nutrition, and mental health. While those are all important aspects of wellness, they aren’t the only ones. The new one acknowledges that sometimes a well-rounded life is about wine AND weightlifting.

Sure, you could say that dancing around your living room is good for mental health. You could also say that taking a day to do absolutely nothing is important for recharging. While it’s true that they may both help you feel rejuvenated, they don’t fit neatly into the box of mental health.

Frankly, being well is not just about what you’ve done well.

Sometimes we mess up and don’t exercise for weeks. Wellness is acknowledging that and making a plan to get back to regular exercise. Sometimes we eat way too much (or way too little) for days at a time. Wellness is making the choice to eat in a way that makes our bodies feel best.

Because this is is a lifelong journey, every single aspect of my life is related to my wellness. The good and the bad. The successes and the failures. My hobbies outside of fitness right along with my most recent training plan.

Fighting for Wellness

This blog is my journey, but I hope it will be yours as well. I want to re-engage with my faithful readers and connect to new people. I will still be sharing tips and facts, but I’ll also be sharing general information about my day and my life.

My hope is for this blog to be a forum for discussion. I want to hear the ways you are making wellness a priority in your life. I also want to hear the ways you’re struggling so that I (and the rest of the community) can help.

There will be workouts, there will be guinea pig pictures, and there will be wine (lots of wine, especially the sparkling variety).

There will be ups and downs on this journey of wellness, but it’s worth the fight. Will you join me?

Keep fighting,

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      Yes for authenticity! I realized just how much of a problem it was when I couldn’t find a single photo of me drinking a glass of wine (which happens often enough that there should be a photo). I want to share all parts of my journey, not just the ones that look “good” for the brand.

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    I love the approach you’re taking with your blog! “Wellness” definitely looks different to everyone, so I think it’s great that you’re creating a forum to discuss this topic. To me, “wellness” is all about balance (and my balance also definitely includes wine!) Thanks for sharing your journey!

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      Thanks so much, Kara! And cheers to wine being part of a balanced life! 🙂

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    Love the new focus! Wellness is totally about balance – sometimes its a struggle and sometimes it’s easy. Best of luck with your new direction!

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      Thanks, Abbey! Balance and self-care is definitely the name of the game for me. 🙂

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    Wellness really is a journey and a balancing act – it takes time to find your way to pure wellness. It takes effort, but the rewards are priceless!

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      So true, it’s definitely a worthwhile journey.

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    I think it’s great that you stopped to reassess your direction and purpose to find your authentic self. More bloggers should do that! I’ve stopped reading so many people that seem to just play a role.

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      I’ve done the same. That’s part of what made me reevaluate my own message. I thought, “Is this really me?”

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    Hi, Excellent Writing…From my point of view, Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy life. It is more than becoming free from illness. It is a dynamic process of change and growth.

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