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This morning I slept in. That is, I slept in until 6:15 compared to what has become my normal routine of getting up at 4:45 for Ultimate Bootcamp. I actually woke up around 4:50 because my body was apparently concerned that I wasn’t already awake, but I went to sleep again pretty quickly. It felt kind of odd to sleep that long, especially since I still crashed last night by just after 9pm.

Now that my 4-week session of Ultimate Bootcamp has come to a close, I would like to share my final thoughts. Before I do, let me recap the final three days.

Day 14 – Tuesday

I do not have the specific workout outline for this day, but the focus was on arms, chest, and back (at least that’s where I primarily ended up sore). Jon said it was his goal on this day to get in lots of triceps work without doing dips, so we focused a lot on using the resistance bands for triceps extension and bicep curls. We also did quite a few diamond push ups, which are always a challenge for me. While I have reached a point where I can do regular push ups without a modification (more on that exciting development to come later!), I still have to do most of my diamond push ups from my knees.

Tuesday we also did a lot of jumping next to the wall, first jumping as high as we could once, then running to the middle of the gym where we did bicep curls to military presses with the resistance band, then back to jump again, this time twice. Each time we ran to the middle and back to the jumps, we added a rep of jumping. The focus on this set of jumps was power. Next we did some quick jumps for speed alternated with some wall pushing (which was harder on my arms than I imagined it would be) and wall sits.

Day 15 – Wednesday

We started Wednesday with a 10 minute warm-up that included jogging, plyometrics, and dynamic stretching. Right after the warm-up we got into pairs for the first block of exercises.

Block 1 – Repeated X3

  • Partner A: obstacle course – jog, 5 triceps dips on first bench, jog to second bench and do 5 more triceps dips, bear crawl across width of gym, sprint back toward benches. Two times through obstacle course before switching.
  • Partner B: Suicide run then crunches with legs up on wall until Partner A finished two times through on obstacle course.
  • Prior to switching, partners did 10 burpees together to equal 60 burpees over the course of the three cycles.

The second block of exercises was done individually.

Block 2

  • 4 cones set up across length of gym
  • High knee suicides to all four cones
  • At each of 4 cones, 10 burpees to total 40 burpees during the set

By the end of the workout Wednesday, everyone had done 100 burpees! Once we finished our suicide high knees and burpees, we did several sets of crunches with our feet on the wall and full sit ups before stretching and ending for the day. The bear crawls and push ups in the burpees definitely did a number (in a good way) on my shoulders and arms. Usually I am not sore until a day or two after a workout, but by Wednesday night I was already very aware of all the muscles in my arms.

Day 16 – Thursday 

Before I knew it, the final day of Ultimate Bootcamp was upon me!

We started with a 4 minute warm-up, jogging around the gym. We then did 30 seconds of jumping jacks and reversed the direction of our run for 2 minutes, increasing our speed/tempo.

Once we finished our running and jumping jacks, we moved into dynamic stretching around the gym including skipping, high knees, butt kicks, etc.

To begin the rest of the workout, we repeated the Fitness Test we did on Day 1.

Fitness Test

  • 1 minute push ups for count
  • Jog to other side of gym
  • 1 minute mountain climbers
  • 1 minute leg lifts

Block 1: Back to start of gym for stations

  • 8 push ups
  • Run to half court
  • 8 mountain climbers
  • Run to end of gym
  • 8 leg lifts
  • Work through series for 4 minutes

Block 2: Snowball workout

  • W cone drill (forward run to back shuffle through cones layed out in a W)
  • High knees through agility ladder and back through cones – 3x through set
  • Jump squats for 5, W cone drill, high knees through agility ladder – 3x through set
  • Jump squats for 5, fast wall jumps/hops for 5, W cone drill, high knees through agility ladder – 3x through set
  • Jump squats for 5, fast wall jumps/hops for 5, leg scissors for 5, W cone drill, high knees through agility ladder – 3x through set
  • Jump squats for 5, fast wall jumps/hops for 5, leg scissors for 5, leg thrusts for 5

Block 3: Down to the end of the gym for some partner work

  • Partner A: Lunges with steps over heard for 10 reps then switch with B
  • Partner B: Through agility ladder laterally
  • 4 minutes

Block 4: Stacking and Re-stacking

  • Whole class against the wall of the gym near the stack of steps
  • One person at a time takes a step and runs to the other side of the gym and re-stacks the step until the entire stack was moved across the gym, which took about 5 minutes.
  • For the second cycle everyone sprinted down at once to grab a step then ran back to re-stack them in the original location, repeated until the stack was complete once again.

Once all of the steps were in place, we finished up with some stretching and a group photo.


Final Thoughts

As I left the gym on Thursday I had a lot of mixed feelings. I was excited knowing I could sleep in a little bit this morning, but sad I wouldn’t have this awesome group and awesome trainers to keep me motivated in my workouts. I was very proud of how far I came in four weeks, especially thinking back to where I was just a few short months ago (not even able to do 10 push ups without a modification). This is what I said about my push ups on the first day:

For the first set of push ups, I did all of them (20) in full push up form and was super proud of myself. Eventually during our sets of 8 push ups I moved to my knees, but whatever. I’m still really excited that I did over 20 push ups from my toes!

People have asked me what you can really accomplish in a 4-week workout. Let me tell you what I have personally accomplished. Yesterday, Day 16, I did 26 push ups in that same 1-minute time span as day one (all from my toes). Then, during the entire 4 minute series in which we did sets of 8 push ups, 8 mountain climbers, and 8 leg lifts, I did every single push up from my toes without a modification. This was huge for me because it can sometimes be hard for me to see my fitness progress when I am not measuring it in terms of weight loss. I can’t remember how many mountain climbers I did in a minute on the first day, but on the last day I did 101 (each leg counting as one) and from what I can vaguely remember, that is significantly more than day 1.

After four weeks I feel stronger. I can do more than I could a month ago and I am incredibly proud of that. I can also run faster. All of the sprints we did throughout bootcamp have paid off big time.

It’s true that four weeks isn’t going to take you from completely out of shape to becoming an Olympian, but it does make a huge difference. I said on Day 2, when our trainer Beth asked us about our goals, that I wanted to be able to do 20 push ups (without a modification) two days in a row. I said this because after our fitness test on day one my arms were so sore/exhausted that I barely did any regular push ups. A few minutes ago, while I was waiting on my lunch to heat up, I got down on the floor and did 20 push ups. Twenty push ups, with no modifications, the day after doing well over 30 push ups.

The workouts in Ultimate Bootcamp are tough and most of the sessions, like mine, are super early. Some days I didn’t want to go at all and struggled to drag myself out of bed (especially those mornings after I had been on campus until 9:30 the night before). No matter what I struggled with or how much some of the exercises made me groan or filled me with dread, it was always worth it. Not even as something in hindsight, but in the moment. I never once felt like it wasn’t worth my time to be there. Now the question I have for all of you who are living in the Boston area is whether it’s worth it to you.

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If you have questions about Ultimate Bootcamp or my experience specifically, feel free to email me. I would love to hear from you!

I had the opportunity as an Ultimate Bootcamp Blog Ambassador to try this four week session of Ultimate Bootcamp free of charge. In exchange, I offered to give my honest thoughts and opinions about the workouts. All thoughts an opinions I have offered are genuine and sincere and I have not been compensated for this review.

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