Trust the process

Sometimes when you least expect it, you get a reminder that you just need to trust the process. Whether it’s with losing weight, gaining strength, starting therapy, or something else, the process can take time. Embrace the journey and live one day at a time.

Before we get too far along, don’t forget that today is the first day of my December photo challenge. If you’re on Instagram, you should join! Enough about today though.

trust the process

Yesterday I attended what I thought was my last physical therapy session. I was disappointed because I still have back pain. It isn’t frequent, but it’s there. My physical therapist reassessed my movement and together we decided I need at least three more sessions. I need to trust the process.

As a reminder, this all started after what seemed like muscle soreness got progressively worse. After a visit to my primary care doctor, I got a referral to physical therapy. My initial assessment showed a left side rotated pelvis that was causing strain on my back. This also meant my range of motion in my hip was abysmal. Not ideal when you’re focusing on deadlifts and squats.

So we started the process of manually shifting my pelvis back into place. It didn’t exactly feel good during sessions, but I was seeing progress. I had exercises to do on my own and most days it felt like things were going as they should.

Still, I wasn’t doing much lifting. When I did lift something (an ancient air conditioner that weighed God knows how much), it didn’t feel good. I was upset.

Then more recently I helped Joe move a refrigerator up two flights of stairs. The movement to lift it was essentially a deadlift. It felt fine while I was doing it. Afterward it still felt fine.

Then a few days later, my back hurt again, seemingly related to nothing.

So when I went to my session yesterday, I was ready to throw in the towel (and was pretty sure I was out of sessions). When my physical therapist reassessed things, she found that my spine has very limited mobility. Not only do I have almost no flexion, even pressing on my back provides no “give” in response. This explains how my pelvis got out of whack in the first place.

Because my back has such limited mobility, my pelvis compensated. Now that my pelvis is working properly again, it’s time to work on the root of the problem. Just when I thought it was time to give up, there was a breakthrough. Trust the process.

It’s going to take some time, but the payoff is going to be huge.

Do you have a hard time letting go and trusting that things will work out given enough time?

Keep fighting,

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    I used to have a hard time doing that because I’m such a Type A and want to plow through and make things happen. Therapy helped me learn to slow down, focus on the big picture as a long term goal and set more manageable, actionable steps to help me minimize my anxiety of now going from 0 to 60 in 1 second.

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      You would think that as a former therapist-in-training I would have a better grasp of this, haha. I’m pretty good about it in most aspects of my life, but the fitness piece is so hard for me to take slowly. 🙂

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      Truer words were never spoken. Ya just gotta do it! 🙂

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    Ugh, that sounds no fun at all, but I’m so glad you had a breakthrough and can see you’re going in the right direction. This is great advice – I’m struggling with weight loss and haven’t been able to get a good stride this time around (yep, I’ve done it before…), so this has really help me – thanks!

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      I think it’s because we’ve all become part of an instant gratification world. We’re so used to getting whatever we want immediately that when things take time, it’s a pain. You’ve got this!!

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    My Gf wouldn’t trust the process even if you give her more reason to.. will have to forward this post to her..

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    We also need to trust ourselves. We need to believe that we can do this and change for the good lifestyle.

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    Hi Becki, trusting the process is very toughest job to do; however it’s keep our body fit. You are doing a really good job. Thanks for sharing such a helpful blog. Keep sharing!

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