Tips for Motivation When It’s Hard To Be Consistent


Well, hello there friends! It’s been quite a long absence and one that I both planned and didn’t plan. Once I realized I wanted to really put the focus on my new job and that it was becoming harder to blog on a consistent basis, I made a conscious decision to step away for a while. In fact, I even considered shutting down the blog entirely. Lucky for you (assuming you enjoy the blog), I decided to keep it around.

Now that things are several months underway at the new job, and that I’ve finished my half marathon, I figured maybe it was time to hop back in.

Oh right, the half marathon. That brings me to today’s guest post about finding motivation when you’re struggling to be consistent. Consistent is something that I absolutely was not when it came to this half marathon training. I’m happy to report that I did indeed finish it (at almost the exact time I had anticipated), but it would have been much easier with a bit more consistent training.

half marathon without consistent training

My friend Erin Madore, who wrote today’s guest post, is currently running a KickStarter for her fitness business Grounded Warrior. Check out her post below then be sure to check out the KickStarter! According to Erin, Grounded Warrior is dedicated to providing all of the tools and services you need to stay healthy along with the accountability, support and motivation to stay on track every single week. 

Yep, sounds like something we can all use—at least I know I can. Take it away, Erin!


Tips for Motivation When it’s Hard To Be Consistent

By: Erin Madore

Do you ever stop to think about the times that you fell off track with your workout program? Maybe it was years ago or maybe you’re even in a slump now. Either way it happens to everyone as some point in time (even me!).

There’s this point where we’re chugging along and everything is going smoothly (for example you’re going to the gym 3 days a week and feeling pretty good), then something happens and you don’t go to the gym – you miss a workout, skip a session, or prioritize another part of your life over your exercise plan. Sometimes you’re able to bounce back from the missed workout easily and you just continue the following day following your plan. Other times you don’t bounce back and you keep missing workouts and skipping sessions and soon enough you’ve fallen off track.

So how do you do it? How the heck do you stay motivated and on track when there are so many barriers and hurdles between you and a healthy workout routine?

How to be Consistent When Your Life is Anything BUT Consistent

  1. Figure out the types of exercising you actually ENJOY doing. You are much more likely to stick to something that you like. Hate running? Don’t run. Love Zumba? Dance your a$$ off!
  • Schedule your exercise plans into your week. Every week. Treat your workout plan as seriously as you would a meeting with your boss or an appointment with your doctor. Set reminders. Look ahead on Sundays and figure out what is best for you.
  1. Invest in your health and wellness. Seriously, put your money where your mouth is! Sign up for a membership, hire a trainer, invest in a 6 week program, join a challenge – do something that involves commitment. You’re more likely to follow through if you are committed to the program plus you’re framing your health and wellness as a priority that’s worth investing in.

Little Ways to Stay Motivated Every Day

  • Find an Accountability Buddy – someone that is also trying to stay in shape – and then check in with them throughout the week to stay accountable
  • Post Sticky Note Inspirations in your home! Write down WHY you want to exercise, HOW exercising makes you feel, and WHAT the benefits and rewards are
  • Keep your workout clothing and workout gear easily accessible so you aren’t searching for it
  • On top of that, invest in workout clothing that makes you feel damn good!
  • Set Daily Reminders on your phone encouraging you to stay focused and active
  • Eat healthy food that makes you feel good and energized
  • Each week look back over your successes and challenges so that you can learn from them and move forward even more mindfully.

Finally, on days that you are not feeling motivated at all, JUST GET STARTED. I bet that once you begin working out you will start to wake up, feel better and finish your workout stronger than you planned! It’s always better to do something than nothing and it’ll help you stay on track!

Empower yourself and be responsible for your own health and wellness. The more you do that, the more you’ll make good decisions that help you feel good and look good too!


Those are some great tips from Erin, for sure! Don’t forget to check out and support her KickStarter. There are so many ways to support the business and reap the benefits, but the KickStarter only goes until June 20 so check it out today!

Keep fighting,

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    These are such great tips! I always used to start exercising and then stop a few week later because I couldn’t keep the motivation up. What I found really motivated me is signing up for a gym membership (I highly recommend if there’s one in your area!) because then I felt like I had to go or I was wasting money. I also liked having the gym environment and other people with similar goals around to motivate me!
    Having cute work out clothes that I want to show off was definitely a factor as well, haha!
    Thanks for these tips, I hope they help other people like me!

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    Such a great list of tips! I find that my motivation is the biggest determinant to my success. I always try for an extra few pounds because I know I can be proud of it. Sometimes all you need is that perfect workout outfit to get you ready for action!

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    It is really really hard to stay consistent. I started a max capacity workout a few days ago and I am not completing it. The reason is we become lazy. You said it right to stick to your plan.
    Just stick to it and whatever happens, keep doing it. That is how you succeed.

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    Hey, You have shared a very useful and profitable tips. I think that it is important to determine why you want to lose weight. Clearly define all the reasons you want to lose weight and write them down. This will help you stay committed and motivated to reach your goal. Research shows that people are more successful if their weight loss motivation comes from within.

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