The Sky Is The Limit

Happy Monday, everyone! How did everyone do their first day back to work after the time change? Fall always feels a lot easier for me than spring (I much prefer gaining an hour over losing one), but it’s so hard to get up while it’s still dark out and then have it get dark so early in the evening.

That doesn’t affect me quite so much just because my schedule is already kind of all over the place, but it’s so worth it! On Friday morning at 5:15 I started my very first shift at Healthworks where I am now a full time personal trainer. I spent my shift getting acclimated in the club, meeting other trainers, and doing what I could to help members.

Several times throughout the day I found myself thinking, “Holy cow, I really am a personal trainer” or “I can’t believe the 240+ pound Becki from college is now Rebecca, the marathoner and personal trainer.” That brings me to an interesting/important point, if you are ever at the Healthworks in Chestnut Hill and looking to train with me, ask for Rebecca, we already had a Becky on staff so I am using my full name. It feels rather appropriate.

In many ways I cannot believe where I am now in my career and life journey. It feels surreal to have made this life transition and transformation, but it reminds me that we can all accomplish whatever it is we want to accomplish, even when obstacles stand in our way.

My journey is certainly not over, I’m continually working to be a better version of myself – physically, emotionally, spiritually, as a friend, as a girlfriend, as a daughter, a sister. Where I am now is not a stopping point, if anything it’s a launching point, propelling me into the next stage of my journey where I am making gigantic strides toward doing what I want to do with the rest of my life: helping people on a physical and emotional level. 

If there is something you want to do, but you do not feel like you deserve to or that you are capable of it, just remember that we make our opportunities and only we get to decide what we deserve.

People may not see me walking down the street and think, “Wow, I bet she’s a fitness professional.” My background is not in exercise science. I doubt anyone would have ever pegged me for pursuing a career in fitness. But here I am because it’s what I’m passionate about. 

We all encounter obstacles in our lives and we all have those little voices (sometimes inside us, sometimes coming from people in our lives) telling us that we can’t or shouldn’t do something we desperately want. Sometimes the obstacles are out of our control and come in the form of accident, illness, or tragedy, but just because the obstacles are out of our control, doesn’t mean that we can’t control the way we react.


You are the only person who gets to decide whether to stop and turn around in the face of life’s obstacles or pull yourself up and over. What I can definitely tell you is that the view from up and over is much nicer than the view from down at the bottom.

What obstacles have you had to overcome to reach your goals? Was it totally worth it?


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  1. Sarah Kay Hoffman November 4, 2013 10:23 am Reply

    Yes, yes, yes….on the same page with ya today!
    Sarah Kay Hoffman recently posted…The Only One Who Can Steer Your ShipMy Profile

  2. MIZ November 4, 2013 10:34 am Reply

    yes yes yes.
    not ones blog–but there and overcome’able none the less…
    MIZ recently posted…Five healthy habits for beating energy VAMPIRES.My Profile

  3. Alison November 4, 2013 11:45 am Reply

    Great post! Yes, it is always an ongoing process. My biggest obstacle is managing time and stress… But, if I can think ahead and make a plan this always helps.
    Alison recently posted…Saving UpMy Profile

  4. ricki November 10, 2013 5:39 pm Reply

    Hi Becki, If you ask me, I would prefer to get along someone who’s really passionate in fitness than a professional one :) You must have many experiences which can be shared to your members, can’t you? of course, this will get them spirit up :) and for the obstacles, I think it’s a laziness. Sometimes, it’s blocking my curiosity when doing anything….
    ricki recently posted…Ideal Protein DietMy Profile

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