Support Boston Heroes This Weekend with Uber and BostonX

Happy Friday, all! Who has plans for the weekend? For all of you in Boston, I’ve partnered with Uber Boston to give you a heads up about something super cool the company is doing this Saturday to honor Boston’s heroes (plus a great discount offer, so be sure to read to the end).

For those who haven’t heard of Uber, it’s an iPhone/Android app that makes it super easy to get a cab. I used it a couple of times this winter when I didn’t want to drive home from work in the snow. It’s also great for a night out on the town when you’re in no shape to drive (or so I’ve heard, ahem).


Once you open the app and put in your location, fares are shown for different types of rides, including city cabs (UberTAXI), town cars and the like (UberBLACK), large capacity vehicles (UberSUV) and UberX. UberX is my favorite because the rates are determined differently than city cabs (often less expensive, depending where you’re going) and the cars are driven by verified drivers from around the city (your Average Joe with another job).


Once you choose your ride, you are provided with the name of your driver and shown reviews and ratings. You don’t need cash because your fare is billed to the card you have on file, including tip. Honestly, it’s amazing.

Here’s the extra cool thing for this weekend: Uber Boston has launched BostonX for one day only! Remember how I mentioned that UberX drivers are verified drivers from around the city, but otherwise just like you and me? BostonX drivers are special; they’re police officers, firefighters, soldiers, nurses, and teachers from around the city, so as long as you choose BostonX when you use Uber this Saturday you’ll know one of our own local heroes is driving you. Think of it as a way to honor those who aided the injured at last year’s marathon and those who do so much for us every day.

This Saturday, 4/19, from 9am to 5pm EST, you’ll be able to request a ride on BostonX. Simply open up your Uber app (download it here) and swipe all the way right to the “BostonX” view and request a car. All BostonX rides are at UberX rates.

As an added bonus, any of my riders who are new Uber users can use code FightWell14 for $25 off your first Uber ride using BostonX or UberX!

If you’ve never tried Uber, now is certainly the time to try it! Download the app and request a ride. If you have any questions, I’m here as always to answer them.

I partnered with Uber to tell you about this service and amazing offer. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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    wow – very cool! Although I’m not a fan of uber (I had a bad customer service experience) I may take uber this weekend just to support them!

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