A summer of recovery


It’s already past the middle of September, so it’s a good time for a quick update on my fitness and nutrition after what I’m calling my summer of recovery. Seriously, where does the time go?

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A summer of recovery

It’s been a long year of dealing with injuries, setbacks, and frustrations. This summer, I allowed myself to take a step back from any hardcore training or exercise and instead allowed my body time to recover. I was recovering not only from back pain, but from other side effects of depo that were affecting my well-being. From mood concerns to sleep problems to weight gain, I was in a bad space.

When I did try to establish a consistent workout routine, I fell into the trap of going too hard too fast, rather than scaling back my routine to meet me where I was. Once I finally did that, and started focusing more on flexibility and wellness, things started falling into place.

In some ways I was forced into this summer of recovery not only because of my physical health, but because of travel. We went to North Carolina for the solar eclipse (I grew up in the path of totality!) and I stayed for an extra week for a funeral. It disrupted my schedule, but I needed it.

I’ve also spent the summer focusing on other forms of self care, like massage. I purchased a membership to Massage Envy and am taking advantage of the monthly massages that accompany it. My massage therapist Mike is wonderful. We’re working on the extreme tightness in my lower body and some general mobility through my shoulders.

An autumn of return

As we approach the official start of autumn, I’m looking forward to my return to harder workouts. Autumn is a time of death for the sake of rebirth—trees wouldn’t flourish if they didn’t shed their leaves each year. My own rebirth required letting go of some things, but I’m excited for the return on what felt like sacrifices.

While weight loss isn’t my primary goal, it has been refreshing to already see a change there. After dealing with so much depo-related weight gain, I wasn’t sure what it would take to get the weight off. A return to more mindful eating (mostly keto) and moving my body a bit each day has helped immensely.

And of course there’s the positive change in my pain level. It’s nonexistent most days, which I wouldn’t have thought possible six months ago.

Fighting for Wellness

What this means for the blog is, hopefully, a return to the start. More workouts, more food posts, more information about how I fight for my wellness every day.

I have flourished in my summer of recovery. Now I’m excited and ready for what autumn, winter, and spring will bring.

Keep fighting,

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