Squat Jumps

Good morning, everyone! Below you’ll find my very first video demonstration of a fitness move, but first here’s a little background.

I have been thinking of posting workout videos since I started this blog, but I kept making excuses. I was too busy, didn’t have a good camera, needed video editing software, etc. Last Friday morning I was catching up on all of my fitness blog reading while waiting at the car dealership (grumble grumble) and saw the theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer over at Lindsay’s List. The theme was Reactive Training and her examples included squat jumps, tuck jumps, and ice skaters among others. So¬†that’s what you call the type of training we did in Ultimate Bootcamp. Then I read further down the page and saw the magic words “anyone can participate” staring me in the face. “This is it,” I thought. “I have to submit a video.”

I mentioned it to Joe, who was very supportive, but then life almost got in the way. We spent the weekend in a frenzy working to resolve some apartment issues we have been having (almost there!) and before I knew it the weekend was over. Videos are due by 8pm on Monday evenings (and I have class until 6:50) so I was very disappointed I wouldn’t be able to submit. Then we got out of class early! At 6:30 I raced home (safely of course), threw on workout clothes, and made my very first video!

Because I had limited time I did it in one take, so my apologies if it seems a little rushed. Without further ado, please welcome Squat Jumps!

To see all of the moves as well as the full workout Lindsay put together using them check out this week’s Tuesday Trainer, complete with a Chobani giveaway in honor of Lindsay’s blog turning a year old.

Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet, I plan to do more videos soon. What types of moves would you like to see demonstrated?

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