Running For Jamir

Those of you who know me personally know that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am often very affected by the stories I hear and want to help everyone who needs it. Sometimes a story affects me even more than the rest and makes me want to move mountains if I could. Jamir’s is one of those stories.


Here it is, in the words of his family:

On February 26, 2013 at only 6 months old Jamir Anthony James was diagnosed with Pineoblastoma cancer. A year later he is still fighting for his life. Dealing with seizures, chemotherapy, and other difficulties daily Jamir continues to have a smile on his face. Through this tough journey Jamir’s strong parents Shanika Riddock and Travis James have never given up on their son & will continue to do everything in their power to fight for Jamir. Tragically on March 11th 2014 Jamir’s family was faced with a turn for the worse. After suffering a seizure and receiving a cat scan doctors at Children’s Hospital Boston, MA have informed Jamir’s family that the tumors on his brain have come back more aggressive and that there is nothing more they can do. With the grace of god and the continuous support of family and friends we will continue our fight for Jamir to save his life. We ask that you help support us in getting proper medical treatment and coping with medical expenses for Jamir. All donations are gratefully appreciated. We also ask that you keep Jamir & his family in your prayers.

A pineoblastoma is an aggressive primary brain tumor that develops in the pineal body (sometimes called the epiphysis cerebri or pineal gland), which is a small cone-shaped organ located in the midbrain. The pineal body secretes melatonin, a hormone that regulates moods and the sleep-wake cycle in humans. Pineoblastomas are also known as pinealoblastomas. They are rapidly growing tumors and considered highly malignant (source)

Even though I haven’t been blogging as recently as I’d like lately because of work and life commitments, I knew (and Joe pointed out) that the one thing I can definitely do to help Jamir is share his story. The other thing I can do is run.

For our third anniversary Joe had mentioned running a 5K with me (his first race ever) so we took that opportunity to run not only for our anniversary, but also for Jamir. Yesterday we took to the streets of Lynn (north of Boston) for the Hibernian 5K.

We weren’t sure about pacing since Joe hadn’t run a 5K before, so our focus was mainly to finish together and spread the word about Jamir’s cause. We crossed the finish line at the same time (though not right beside each other due to space and other runners) at 30:12.

hibernian 5k finish

We decided the best way to show our support for Jamir during the race was to wear matching shirts. Joe got those for us from Jamir’s god mother along with the wristband for Jamir that Joe wore during the race. The slogan is Jamir Strong because the community has come together in a show of support for Jamir and we are all standing strong alongside Jamir.

hibernian 5k

As of yesterday, just 12 days into fundraising for Jamir, 555 people had donated for a total of over $19,000. That amount of support has amazed and touched me, but Jamir’s family needs more help. Their goal is $30,000 to cover the costs of more treatment for Jamir.

If you can help out financially, please donate here. No amount is too small and would go a long way in helping to support Jamir and his family. If you can’t donate, please share his story with others so hopefully those who can donate will be touched by his story as I have.


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    It’s things like this that keep us motivated and positive through this trying time. More good than bad, we love you guys for this. #Jamirstrong

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    I love you superjj I can’t belive that happened to you but gusse what your mommy and daddy is really missing you and your teacher and family is missing you but now your missing but your family still loves you love you mair mair

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