One Year Later: Boston Strong

I wasn’t planning to write this one year later post, but this morning as I turned on the television and was met with all sorts of marathon anniversary coverage, I wanted to at least say something.

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you’ll know that last year I spent the day standing across from Forum restaurant watching the marathon. I was incredibly lucky to have walked away just moments before the first bomb exploded on Boylston Street. I hadn’t even ordered my lunch at the restaurant a few blocks away where a friend and I had walked when we heard the explosion.

Wandering around in the siren-filled streets was surreal. There is no other word. My phone battery was dead and my head was spinning.

The next few days weren’t easy. I knew several people running, so relief that they were all okay was soon replaced with sadness for all of those who weren’t. Then confusion, anger, and just about every emotion you can imagine.

Here we are a year later and while everything has changed, nothing has changed. What feels some days like an eternity ago other times feels like just a few days. We are stronger as a city, as runners, as people. The amount of love and support everyone showed to the runners, spectators, emergency personnel, and city as a whole was astounding.

As a city, as runners, as humans we have forged on, but we will never forget.

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