Musselman’s Spring Into Action Challenge

Happy March, everyone! Can you believe it’s already upon us? If you live somewhere the weather has still been as bitterly cold as it has been here in Boston, it seems kind of crazy. Regardless, spring is around the corner (or so I’m being told), and this time of year everyone starts to think about making healthy changes. Sometimes it’s just about getting rid of winter bloat, other times it’s something about starting fresh. Whatever it is, there’s a general need for spring cleaning your lifestyle around this time.

My clients often ask me how they should start a healthier lifestyle no matter what time of year it is and I always tell them that it’s about sustainable changes. Doing just a little bit more toward making healthy choices goes a long way.

So when Musselman’s told me about their Spring Into Action Challenge in honor of their 50% larger BIG CUP applesauce, I was on board immediately. They’ve challenged everyone to do 50% more toward healthier lives over the next three months and track their progress.


As I thought about my 50% more for the challenge, I kept coming back to my running goals. I finally signed up for the Vermont City Marathon again this year as well as the San Francisco Half Marathon, so now it’s all about increasing my running workouts. For the next three months, I’ll be doing 50% more when it comes to my runs and other workouts.

Lately I’ve been consistently running 2-3 times per week, so my 50% more goal is to increase that to 3-4 runs per week and ultimately up to 5 runs per week.

I’m also committing to getting 50% more sleep. Now that my schedule is improving at work, I want to eliminate my 4 hours of sleep nights and make my minimum 6 hours per night. I imagine the sleep will do wonders for my workouts too.

Finally, as I’ve never been much of a fruit person but I do love applesauce, I’m committing to eating 50% more fruit. With all of my Musselman’s applesauce, that one shouldn’t be too hard.

musselmans big cup

Musselman’s is naturally fat free, cholesterol free, gluten free and low in sodium, so I love it for a snack. I especially love the unsweetened version when I’m watching my sugar content and the cinnamon version when I need a treat.

Along with Musselman’s I’m challenging all of YOU to do 50% more over the next three months. So tell me, what’s your 50% more? Let’s Spring Into Action!


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