Marathon Training Week 3: Getting Back on Track

Marathon training

It’s that time again where I post my own marathon training update in the link up provided by Jen. This week in marathon training was a total fail did not go at all as planned. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say not at all as it started out pretty solid. My plan this week was as follows:

Week 2 Training Plan

Monday: Stretch/yoga
Tuesday: 6 miles
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: 6 miles
Friday: Weights/rowing
Sunday: 7 miles
Total mileage: 19 miles

I did get in some good stretching on Monday followed by around 20 minutes of yoga. On Tuesday I went for a great run between my internship and class. It wasn’t quite the 6 miles I had hoped for (5.8), but I felt fantastic. I ran through Brookline dodging puddles on the way out from melting snow and ice slicks on the way back as the sun set and got colder.

On Wednesday I was feeling a bit out of sorts. I can’t put my finger on it, but I made the decision during work to miss class and try to get some sleep. I had taken the train to campus to avoid losing my parking spot thanks to the snow emergency, so I spent over an hour on the train before getting home. I spent a little bit of time on weights when I finally, but my knee started to act up and I went to bed.

My plan Thursday (Valentine’s Day) was to get up early and get in a run before work, but I overslept. I was still feeling “funny” in a way I can’t really describe, so I worried I was getting sick. I brought running clothes, but never actually made it out for a run. With the snow ban lifted and having not put out a space saver, I was afraid that if I didn’t go home right away after work I’d never find a parking spot, particularly because I still needed to go to the grocery store. I have to be honest though, that was just an excuse. I told myself that I would go for a run once I got home, but I spent too much time at the grocery store and putting Joe’s gift together so before I knew it I had to be out the door to meet him for dinner.

vegetable thai curry

Once we got home, Joe gave me my Valentine’s gift (a pair of Mizuno running pants and Mizuno gloves). There is no greater feeling than having a supportive boyfriend like Joe. At the same time, I felt a little guilty that I hadn’t gone for a run that day.

Mizuno Valentine's gifts-001

I did take steps to help my knee a bit. I had been going to physical therapy for several weeks toward the end of the year, but slacked a lot on actually following up on my exercises. Given that my knee had started to bother me again, I knew running all these miles on it wouldn’t be a good idea without continuing with my physical therapy exercises. That said, I did some of the exercises before we went to bed, hoping that Friday would be the day I’d get back on track with running.

On Friday I went to both my internship and part time job to make up some missed hours, once again planning to run after work and once again convincing myself I needed to get home to find parking. It took me well over an hour to get home (which is pretty unusual when I am driving) and then once Joe got home we played some of the bad video games I got him for Valentine’s Day. Before bed I did more of my physical therapy exercises, but was feeling a lot of self-loathing about not running.

Saturday morning I took my car to the dealership to get an oil change and some general maintenance. I got some really unfortunate news that will be a hard hit to my wallet, and fought back tears for a good portion of the morning. I thought to myself that I should run once I got home, but instead I watched a movie and then took a nap before babysitting. My spirits were lifted considerably when the flowers Joe got me for Valentine’s Day (but which the florist screwed up and was unable to deliver) showed up. I stopped feeling quite so bad for myself and was determined to get back into the swing of things.

valentine's flowers

Luckily Joe’s brother, whose kids we were babysitting, is a personal trainer so there was an opportunity there to get in a bit of a workout. I was kicking myself for not bringing workout gear once I realized they have a treadmill, but I still managed a bit of a workout. Joe’s brother had mentioned doing treadmill pushes, so I gave those a go for the first time. I did some slow pushing, sprinting, and backward pushing. I loved it! I also got in some good work with the kettlebell and medicine ball.

Sunday morning I woke up hoping to still get in a run before the weekend was over, but was greeted by snow and crazy wind. With single digit wind chill, I decided to wait until the weather was a bit better to run.

snow day

I spent the day cleaning and once again didn’t actually get the run in. Once all was said and done, my week looked something like this:

Week 2 Training Actual

Monday: Stretch/yoga
Tuesday: 5.8 miles
Wednesday: Some weights
Thursday: Physical therapy
Friday: Physical therapy
Saturday: Circuit workout including treadmill pushing intervals
Sunday: Physical therapy
Total mileage: 5.8 miles + unmeasured treadmill pushing intervals

Pathetic. I’m so disappointed in my training this week. On one hand I am really glad I’ve started doing my physical therapy exercises again because I really need to keep up with them if I’m going to be able to run this marathon, but obviously I’m disappointed in the actual amount of running this past week.

Part of my problem is that I struggle to get up early for runs and there is so much that can go wrong later in the day that I end up skipping my training. My goal for this week is to do all of my runs in the early morning and start getting up early on a regular basis. It isn’t going to be easy, but I think I’ll reap a lot of benefits from it even beyond training.

Another, and arguably bigger, struggle that I have is beating myself up about missing one run to the point that my self-loathing leads me to lose all motivation for future runs. The first run that I missed this week shouldn’t have been that big of a deal. I was fully capable of shifting that run to Friday, but I didn’t. I was too angry at myself to allow any flexibility. I was too busy beating myself up to actually just move forward in my training. 

The theme for week 3 is getting back on track. While I not only want to get in the miles my plan calls for, I also want to get in a mile or two more so I can really stay on track. I am also committing to doing physical therapy each day this week. That said, this is the plan for week 3:

Week 3 Training Plan

Monday: 1-2 miles + physical therapy
Tuesday: 6 miles + physical therapy
Wednesday: Weights + physical therapy
Thursday: 5 miles + physical therapy
Friday: Physical therapy (rest day)
Saturday: 1-2 miles + weights + physical therapy
Sunday: 10 miles
Total mileage: 23-25 miles

I realize that is a huge jump from what I actually did this past week, so I need to listen to my body too. If I find that I’m pushing too hard, I’ll bring it down a bit. Even if I can’t make the full distance, I am hoping to running 5 days this week to get back on track.

Do you have any advice for me sticking to my training plan? What’s your advice for getting up early and running when I sometimes don’t get in from class until after 10pm? I’ll happily take any advice you can give!

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    hey! If you need to break up your run, then by all means do it. Two shorter runs (if you can’t manage the entirety in the wee hours) is better than cashing out, and feeling blah the rest of the day and days to follow. Yes. Do listen to your body, if you need to slow down your pace or walk, then do it. Just getting the mileage in at this point sounds like would increase your self esteem and confidence immensely. Do what you can, when you can – and be okay with it!!
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