Healthy Holidays Challenge

Before I give you all the details for this Healthy Holidays Challenge, don’t forget that the deadline to submit your nutrition questions for the Wild Harvest Dietitian Kim Kirchherr is tonight at midnight!

Now onto the heart of today’s post. Last year between Halloween and New Year’s Eve I participated in a weight loss challenge. Although I didn’t win, it served as a great way to keep me accountable during the holiday season and prevent me from packing on the winter pounds. Over the course of those two months I ended up losing both weight and inches and was able to start the New Year with a bang. This year I want to offer the same to my readers. For that reason I would like to introduce the Healthy Holidays Challenge!

Healthy Holiday challenge

The holidays can be a tough time to stay in shape and away from junk food. Beginning with Halloween candy and all the way through our New Year’s resolutions we often find ourselves tempted by less than healthy food and lots of opportunities to make excuses to not work out. Why wait until January 1st to set a resolution to get in shape or lose weight? Why not start right now?

From October 31st until December 31st I will be hosting a challenge for people who want to lose weight, lose inches, or just stay accountable during the holiday season. In addition to being part of a group with similar goals from which you can find inspiration and motivation, there will be prizes!

Some of the prizes include a Fitbit Ultra, gift cards, healthy living books, workout DVDs, and more! Because there is more to being healthy than losing weight, there will be different categories within the challenge including percentage of weight loss along with inches lost and creating new healthy habits. Each week those who are trying to lose weight or inches will email me privately with their weight or measurements, respectively. Those who are trying to add more healthy habits to their routine should take a picture each time they engage in a healthy habit and upload it to Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtags #HealthyHolidays & #proof and tagging me (@Fight4Wellness). If you do not have a smartphone, you can take photos and email them to me instead. These healthy habits can range from incorporating more workouts to drinking more water. Be creative!

If you would like to join, email me and I will invite you to the event page. You have until next Tuesday, October 30th, to join the challenge and send me your starting weight, measurements, and/or healthy living goals. Please email me with any questions or concerns you have about the challenge.

Let’s tackle the holiday bulge together!

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    what a great challenge! (: I’m not looking to lose any weight… and I’m trying to build muscle so I might be heading the opposite way of your scale but I’m in! (:

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      Glad you’re in! You could always Instagram your progress for the Healthy Habits portion, right? 🙂 I’m ironing out more details and I’ll post all of it in the Facebook group soon.

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