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When I posted recently about trying out different workouts this year, I had no idea that I would fall in love with my very next workout. Two weeks ago I was invited to come try a class at EverybodyFights in Boston’s Seaport district. I didn’t know much about it, but given my resolution to try new workouts, I went in with an open mind. You may remember that I considered getting my fitness boxing certification a few years ago and that I really love boxing, so I was curious what makes EverybodyFights different.

Let’s start with the basics. EverybodyFights is a boxing gym by undefeated professional boxer George Foreman III (son of George Foreman, Sr.). The gym offers classes based on boxing skills and I opted for Train360, a circuit-style class. What better way to try out what a gym has to offer than to take a class that incorporates a little bit of everything?

First impressions

When I arrived at EverybodyFights I was impressed right away with the size of the gym. There were classes going on all around me and the energy was immediately evident. In the middle of the main floor were boxing rings and there were people working out all around them doing everything from rowing to heavy bag work to suspension training to battle ropes and more.

I also noticed that there were studios off to the left for other types of classes (including cycling!). I realized right away that this place was special, but I didn’t realize just how special it would be by the end of my workout.

When I went upstairs to the locker room to get changed, I was very impressed. Having been spoiled at Healthworks and Republic Fitness, I was immediately a fan of the luxury style. Digital combination lockers, free towels, and a sauna all awaited me. Serious perk.

After I got changed I came down and had the opportunity to meet George. Seriously the nicest guy ever (unless you’re facing him in the ring, I suppose). He offered to wrap my hands before class and told the instructor he wanted me starting on the boxing stations because he was wrapping my hands tightly and wanted me to be able to slip my gloves and wraps off as soon as I finished the boxing portion.

Getting my hands wrapped by a pro!

Once class got started I knew I was in for a great workout. After taking us around to each station to demonstrate the exercise, we started to jog. After two minutes of jogging around the rings, we went through every single movement we would be doing that day. This is exactly the kind of warmup you want because it prepares your body for what you’re about to do. I was sweating just by the time we finished the warmup!

The workout

We spent two minutes at each station (more about those shortly) with a minute in between. That minute was broken into three 20-second intervals. For the first 20 seconds we held a lunge on one leg. During the second 20 seconds we switched and held a lunge on the other leg. Then in the final 20 seconds we rotated to the next station before starting right back up immediately. That happened between every station, so trust me when I tell you that the legs and glutes were burning!


I mentioned earlier that I started on boxing drills and there were four of these stations, all with slightly different combinations. I loved that I had an opportunity to work on a heavy bag, the boxmaster pad frame, an uppercut bag, and a double end bag. Once I finished those stations I was off to Russian twists with the battle rope! Talk about a core burner, yikes!

After that I went to split squats in the suspension trainer (I didn’t notice if it was actually TRX brand), followed by a station that alternated between bicep curls and push ups. From there I went to a station at which I did a kettlebell squat, then put my hands beside the kettlebell, kicked out into a thruster, then returned my feet beside my hands in a squat position to pick the kettlebell back up.

Just when I thought my legs couldn’t take anymore, I was off to a two-minute wall sit at the next station, followed immediately by the rowing station and finished out with a station dedicated to jump squats. Leg day, indeed!

At this point I thought the workout was over, but I was mistaken. We lined up around the rings except for the people who ended at the rowing station, who were told to stay put. Then we learned that while they each rowed 150 meters, we would be doing high knees. Once one person finished their 150 meters, they would jog to the turf and do 10 push ups then join us in high knees as someone new rotated in to row. As someone who was in one of the last groups to row, I have to tell you that doing high knees for that long is harder than you think!

One-on-one training

Finally, once the workout was actually over, I was on such an adrenaline high. George came over to see how my workout was and asked if I wanted to do a little one-on-one work in the ring. Did I ever! So I was incredibly lucky to get about half an hour with him practicing my jab, cross, and hook. It was an amazing experience and I left feeling even more invigorated than I thought possible.

When I went up to the locker room to change, I started chatting with one of the members. She told me how much EverybodyFights has changed her over the years that she’s been a member and how it’s so worth her extra commute time. I realized that even after only one class, I felt the same way.

Very soon, EverybodyFights will be opening a location in the Financial District and I’m certainly planning to be a member. The workout was everything I was looking for and more and I know there’s still so much EverybodyFights has to offer me. I’m very excited about my next trip, which incidentally is tomorrow!

If you haven’t checked out EverybodyFights, now’s the time to do it. There’s also still time to be part of the First 500 at the Financial District location, which comes with the perk of some pretty sweet swag.

So go, check it out, learn some awesome skills, and maybe I’ll see you there! It seems my sign off and blog name are more appropriate than ever, huh?

Keep fighting,

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