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It’s already past the middle of September, so it’s a good time for a quick update on my fitness and nutrition after what I’m calling my summer of recovery. Seriously, where does the time go? A summer of recovery It’s been a long year of dealing with injuries, setbacks, and frustrations. This summer, I allowed myself […]

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Thank you all so much for your reading and podcast recommendations leading up to my surgery last week. Today is my first day back to work post- IUD removal success and it feels good to be getting back into a routine. My IUD removal via hysteroscopy was scheduled for 11:50 on Wednesday morning, so I […]

For obvious reasons I’ve been thinking a lot about my marathon lately. From training to fundraising, it’s been on my mind virtually nonstop. It shouldn’t be surprising then that I had my very first marathon nightmare last night. In it Joe and I for some reason planned to drive up to Vermont the morning of […]