Burpees For Leftover Pie

Happy Black Friday! Did you do any shopping this morning? I was at work early, so no shopping for me (and I’m totally okay with that). Now I’m home relaxing, thinking about what to make for dinner.

Did you catch my Thanksgiving Tips yesterday? They’re also great for reigning it in when it comes to leftovers. I know for me personally it’s the leftovers that do me in, so reminding myself that Thanksgiving is one day, rather than a week, can be a huge help.

You know what else helps? Burpee charts. I used this handout with my clients yesterday and feel it’s just as relevant today when leftover pie may be staring us in the face and calling our names.

have your pie and eat it too

calories in pie

So what does this all mean? Let’s do some math. If you’re a 150 pound person (1.19 calories burned per burpee) who eats one slice of pumpkin pie (323 calories), you’ll need to do 250 burpees to work it off! Prefer pecan pie? You’ll need to do 422 burpees!

Those leftover pies may be calling your name, but just remember that so is everyone’s favorite workout if you indulge. ;-)

Disclaimer: Burpees are by no means the only exercise you can do to burn off calories from Thanksgiving pie or any other food. This post is obviously meant in good fun. Calories reported are averages and are not meant to be all-encompassing. If you want to have your pie and eat it too, do it! 

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  1. Ruth-Ann B December 1, 2013 9:39 am Reply

    So no Swanson’s Vitamins Giveaway today? You’re listed on their site for today’s blogger giveway.


    • Becki December 1, 2013 10:02 am Reply

      That’s odd, it’s up and running. Let me double check that it’s working on other browsers.

  2. ricki December 2, 2013 11:27 pm Reply

    Good list you have here Becki. Honestly, I’m very love pie that my mother made such apple pie and pumpkin when thanksgiving come :) So, what you had for your family when thanksgiving Becki?
    ricki recently posted…Facts about Vaginal Yeast InfectionMy Profile


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