Back at it: Vermont City Marathon Relay


Getting back in a routine of blogging is a lot like getting back in a routine of fitness—getting started is the hardest part. But I’m back at it training for the Vermont City Marathon Relay. But first, what’s been going on?

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? With my new job, which has been amazing so far, my world got thrown for a loop. I’ve been adjusting to spending my work days at home as well as doing a lot more writing and editing. Unfortunately for the blog, that writing and editing hasn’t been here.

My new home office!

At the same time, I’m still struggling with back pain. In some of my research for a freelance project, I discovered my pain my be related to the depo shot. It’s a long story, and I’ll get into it more soon, but let’s just say that it’s really frustrating. It also explains why physical therapy wasn’t enough.

Not being able to lift as much as I’d like has unfortunately meant not as much exercise in general as I’d like. To help remedy that, I signed up to do the Vermont City Marathon Relay with my friend Emily.

Half marathon training

It’s actually the same course I did during my first two marathons, but Emily and I will split the marathon in two, each running half. I don’t know yet who will run the first half and who will run the second, but I’m excited.

I re-downloaded the Strava app (do you follow me?) and given the crazy weather we’ve been having in Boston have decided to join the local YMCA to have a treadmill at my disposal. So far my runs have been very slow, but I have to start somewhere.

training for the Vermont City Marathon relay
My first run back.

The race is over Memorial Day weekend so that leaves me with just under two months to get where I need to be. It probably won’t be particularly fast, but I know I can do it. A year ago I ran a full marathon and my first run back was three miles.

It feels really great to be working toward a goal again. It feels good to be blogging again, too.

What goals are you working toward right now?

Keep fighting,

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