A New Leaf for Fall

Yes, that’s incredibly corny. I can’t help it, that’s just who I am. Regardless, it’s also appropriate for this post.

fall leaves

Today I start training for my internship as a college counselor. That is a part of my life that must remain very separate from my life as a healthy living blogger for the time being, but which will impact it nonetheless. Beginning next week I will be working for 20.5 hours per week at the internship, 15 hours per week at my research job, and in class for 7.5 hours each week. As some of you know, I am also a volunteer for Big Sister and will be continuing my half marathon training. To say it will be hectic is an understatement, so I want to set some fall goals for myself both to stay on track with the things that matter the most. You know, almost like turning over a new leaf. Yeah, it’s still as bad as it was the first time I made the joke.

While my internship and class will be my highest priorities (I do want to graduate and provide my clients with the utmost care, after all), I also want to blog in a more organized and focused way. One of the most important things that I heard time and time again at the Healthy Living Summit was to find my voice and be authentic with my readers. Being at the summit and having the opportunity to meet so many new people helped a lot with finding my voice. Every time someone asked what my blog was about, it was like a test for me and it helped me reignite my passion for what I’m doing. Because of this, I have recently updated my About Me section to include a bit about my mission.

What it all boils down to is that I am writing this blog to help people understand how to take control of their fitness and nutrition and how that ultimately impacts mental health and overall wellness. It will continue to incorporate bits of my own story, because that is a huge part of what called me to blogging, but it will also incorporate more of what I hope to do for a career. My recipes will not only serve as preparation guidelines, but will also discuss benefits of certain foods. My WIAW posts will not only highlight what I have been eating, but how those foods have made me feel. I will also share more recent research findings connecting fitness, balanced nutrition, and good mental health.

To keep me on track and a bit more organized, I want to start blog themes. These themes will help me focus my writing and provide the most helpful information possible. All of my posts will still contain pertinent updates on fitness, food, and life in general, but these are general guides:

Monday: Mental Health Monday and/or Motivation Monday, where I’ll share recent research on the connection between fitness, nutrition, and mental health or I’ll talk about finding (and maintaining) motivation.
Tuesday: Tuesday Trainer (once a month, for now) or something new I’m hoping to try out called Tough Love Tuesday. This is where I’ll discuss the fight (it is Fighting for Wellness, after all) toward leading a healthy life. This will be about challenging my readers to move outside their comfort zones and to change the things they don’t like and maximize the things they do.
Wednesday: What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW), where I’ll share my foods for the week and how it all made me feel (and what research corroborates or challenges my experience, if applicable).
Thursday: Recipe Thursday. Have you ever noticed how sometimes people use “R” to stand for Thursday? You know, M, T, W, R, F, S, S. It has bothered me since I was a kid because why do both Saturday and Sunday get an S, but Thursday can’t get a T like Tuesday? I told you I’m a weirdo, but I’m trying to embrace it with Recipe Thursday. This is where I will share yummy and healthy recipes and the science behind them (as applicable).
Friday: Fitness Friday. Similar to Mental Health Monday, but the focus here is just on fitness rather than incorporating mental health as a focal point. This will include specific workouts, fitness trends, and some of my own training updates
Saturday: This one isn’t alliterative, but Saturday is for weight loss/fitness updates. I have been maintaining my weight for a while and generally do not consider my value based on a number, but I do want to work toward losing a few more pounds and getting a bit more toned .This is where I will talk about my person struggles and victories more directly.
Sunday: Funday Sunday. Also not alliterative (though I guess neither is Recipe Thursday), but this will be a free day. If I need a break to spend the day with friends or family, I won’t feel obligated to post. If I want to talk about something offbeat, I will.

You’ll notice that I didn’t choose a photo of pristine leaves. Fall is about shedding the old to prepare for the winter storm and the brand new budding of spring. Yeah, I like metaphors. That said, the leaves (and the shedding) aren’t always pretty. This transition won’t come without its bumps (and holes), but I’m excited for the coming changes and look forward to your feedback!

What new theme are you excited to read? What would you like to see instead?

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    I love this new approach you’re taking – that’s such a good idea to have specific themes for each day! I’m looking forward to recipe Thursday. 🙂

    Good luck with balancing everything this fall. I’ll be in the same boat with my busy schedule too!

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      Thanks! Good luck to you as well. We’ll get through it! 🙂

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    I really like the direction you are taking! There are so many aspects to getting fit and staying fit and it will be great to hear your thoughts and the research you find.

    This is the first time I’ve heard of an R being used for Thursdays, I’ve always used Th.? You learn something new everyday 😉

    Every theme sounds interesting, but I am really looking forward to Monday, Friday and Saturday.

    It sounds like you have alot of things on your plate, but they all seem to be satisfying and meaningful things which can make a huge difference when you feel overwhelmed. Good luck with everything!

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